The main advantages 

  • Sufficiently long vertical probe allows sampling from a precisely selected location and is also suitable for sampling high layers (embankments)
  • The camera system on the sampler allows you to monitor the sampling from the desired location
  • The arm with a wide range of actions ensures the possibility of taking samples even from the end positions of the loading area


  • Sample divider
  • Integrated back transport
  • Automatic sampling
  • Touch screen control
  • Ventilator for longer transport roads


Innovations compared to the previous version:

  • Vertical probe with a length of 4.15 m, sampling even of high mounds, the possibility of insertion into narrow holes (tank/cictern)
  • Anchorage improvements, energy chains for hoses and cables increase their service life
  • Extension of the sampling area near the column thanks to the new connection of the arm to the column
  • Total weight reduction
  • More precise detection of the probe to stop at the bottom of the truck extends the life of the device
  • Digital camera instead of analog one
  • User-friendly operating software with colorful touch screen

Sampling automation

Sampling automation can take place on two levels:

  • Preset sampling plans AUTO accessories

    Thanks to predefined sampling plans, the entire sampling process takes place automatically at the touch of a button. Choose from 3 sampling schemes.

  • Full automation with touch screen control TOUCH CONTROL accessory

    Control system for automated operation of samplers with touch screen control.


Sampling area

Long vertical probe

Conducting hoses with energy chains increases their durability

Square double-walled probe with side mounting on the shoulder

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Scheme of sampling and return of surplus from the laboratory

Sampler description 

Brochure to download

Grain Sampler BioPro VV 06

Technical data

End surface detectionelectrically, mechanically 
Total height9,1 m
Weight720 kg
Power consumption2,8 kW
Probe length4,15 m
Nearest possible sampling point (from column axis)1,1 m
Furthermost possible sampling point (from column axis)4,65 m
Sampling area with 180 degrees32,2 m2
Sampling radius270 degrees

This project was implemented with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the TRIO program.

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