We offer a complete solution for the sampling process. In addition to the sampling itself, additional accessories can be selected to increase the automation of the entire process.


  • Time saving
  • Higher level of work safety
  • Overview and statistics of removals
  • Representative sampling

Rotary sampler Divider

Sample divider ensures the division of sample of free-flowing materials, especially grains, with the possibility of an adjustable separation ratio.

Possibility to choose between manual and automatic variant.

  • Rotary sampler divider with manual setting – accessory DIVIDER
  • Automatic rotary divider – accessory DIVIDER AUTO


Return transport system

Return of surplus commodities back to the vehicle or to designated areas


Pneumatic transport of sample outside the laboratory back to the truck or to other areas, together with the sample divider, increase laboratory productivity.

Especially during the seasonal peaks, a large amount of surplus arises during the analysis, as the sampling is several times higher than the required laboratory sample according to the standard. The return transport system also has a significant economic benefit.

Automation of the sampling process

Sampling automation can take place on two levels:

  • Preset sampling plans – accessory AUTO

    Thanks to predefined sampling plans, the entire sampling process takes place automatically with the touch of a button. Possibility to choose from 3 sampling schemes.

  • Full automation with touch screen control – accessory TOUCH CONTROL

    The control system for automated operation of samplers with touch screen control.

  • It allows the operator to simply select the sampled points directly on the display and then performs automatic sampling at the touch of a button.
  • Increased safety of the entire sampling process thanks to collision detection.
  • Recognizing a vehicle by license plate or vehicle type and then designing a sampling matrix enhances the automation process.. 
  • The system also increases the safety of the entire sampling process by detecting collision surfaces. The user always has the possibility to modify the sampling matrices at his own discretion.
  • Maintaining and processing statistical data on sampling and operation.
  • Visual detection of the sampled quantity.

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Sample analysis 

The sampling process for quality control is completed by instrumental analysis.

Other additional options

Traffic lights – Provides a clear indication to the driver of the vehicle when he can leave the sampling area.

Additional cameras – improved visibility of the sampling area

Extra Powerfull fan – ensure efficient transport of the sample between the sampling device and the receiving site for longer distances.

Customer tailord solutions

Depending on the installation conditions and the customer's requirements, we are able to customize the solution:

  • Sampling without visibility on the sampling place
  • Column height adjustment
  • Limitation of rotation depending on obstacles
  • Long transport routes underground or via overhead lines
  • Possibility of using existing structures or elements for the transport route

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Options availability for different models 

Return transport***
Divider - manual setting***
Divider - automatic setting **
Preset sampling plans - AUTO**
Full automation with touch screen control - TOUCH CONTROL*

Examples of different accessories

Construction in a limited area
Traffic light
Return transport of the sample
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