Main advantages 

  • The camera system of the sampler allows you to set and monitor the sampling from the required place.
  • A sufficiently long vertical probe (4 m) allows you to draw a representative sample from a precisely selected place (cistern opening) and is also suitable for sampling of high layers (fills).
  • The arm with wide operation area gives the posibility to take samples from marginal areas of the loading surface.

Additional functions of STANDARD model

  • Sample divider with an automatically adjustable dividing ratio increase the economical efficiency of sampling by returning the surplus of the sample back to the truck.
  • Integrated return transport 
  • Automatical proces of dividing and return of the rest into the means of transport 

Compare the models of VV05 core sampler

camera system***
vertical probe***
return transport of the sample**
sampler divider**
automation of sampling- dividing
- return transport
- parking in initial position
- sampling
- dividing
- return transport
- parking in initial position

Long vertical probe 

Double-wall sampling probe and camera 

Cyclon for surplus returning

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Scheme of sampling and returning of the sampler surplus

Sampler description

Technical parameters

End position detectionelectrically+ mechanically
Total height8,4 m
Transport weight1000 kg
Power input (max)       2,7 kW
Probe length4 m
Puncture force80 - 200 kg
Probe attachementfixed

Nearest sample point (from the sampler axis)

1,2 m

Farthest sample point (from the sampler axis)

4,75 m
Sampled area at 180o 33,2 m2
Lenght of rail arm5 m

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